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“ Agriculture is the most healthful, most useful, and most noble employment of man. ”
~George Washington

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The Kentucky Department of Agriculture (KDA) announced that it has approved a total of 1,035 applications for growers planning to dedicate up to 42,086 acres, and 2.9 million sq. ft. of green house space, to hemp production in 2019. The KDA also approved 40 new applications from processors (in addition to 69 previously approved multi-year processor license holders who are renewing their licenses for 2019). At Bluegrass BioExtracts we are proud that many of these farmers have researched their options for biomass extraction and chosen Bluegrass BioExtracts as their partner. Factors that have led so many farmers to this important decision include:

State-of-The-Art Manufacturing Facility

Bluegrass BioExtracts is committed to producing only the highest quality CBD extracts. Our 60,000 square foot facility includes state of the art cannabinoid processing and extraction equipment. Our onsite lab conducts testing for CBD and THC percentages.

A Collaborative Partnership with our Growers

Bluegrass BioExtracts success is directly dependent on the success of our Growers. Therefore, we have a dedicated and experienced team of cultivator's available to advise and assist Growers during all phases of cultivation and harvest. After harvest, our Growers deliver their industrial hemp floral material to Bluegrass BioExtracts processing facility, where it is prepared for extraction into CBD products. Every batch is assigned a unique barcode for a careful accounting of each Growers product. All product is carefully tested for CBD and THC percentages before being shipped directly to our bulk customers to be made into finished products.